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  • Where Behaviour  <span>Meets Health</span>

    Where Behaviour Meets Health

    Developing innovative approaches to the prevention, treatment and management of chronic disease.

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  • Meet the Team

    Meet the Team

    We are a collaborative group of students, researchers, and clinical psychologists at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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  • Get Motivated

    Get Motivated

    Exploring how to promote good health behaviours

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Behavioural Medicine Laboratory

The Behavioural Medicine Laboratory is located at the University of Calgary under the direction of Dr. Tavis Campbell. Our laboratory focuses on developing a better understanding of the bio-behavioral mechanisms involved in the development and progression of chronic illnesses including cardiovascular disease and cancer. We are also involved in the design and evaluation of behavioral interventions aimed at improving outcomes among patients suffering from chronic illnesses.

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We are interested in understanding the individual and health-system characteristics that influence patient adherence to complex health behaviours, including exercise and taking prescription medication.

Cardiac rehabilitation

We are investigating evidence-based motivational interventions to improve enrollment and attendance in out-patient cardiac rehabilitation among patients with cardiovascular disease.

Bariatric Surgery

We assess bariatric patient characteristics, bariatric surgery outcomes, and pre-bariatric surgery interventions.

Chronic Pain

Our lab is involved in exploring new methods of assessing and treating chronic pain, including treatment with intranasal oxytocin.

Meet our Team

We are a collaborative group of students, researchers and clinical psychologists at the University of Calgary, Canada.

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