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Welcome to the Behavioural Medicine Lab 2020-2021 Honours Students!

Michelle-Leah is in the process of completing her Honours degree (BSc, Hons.) in Psychology. Her Honours thesis will explore the impact of demographic characteristics, psychosocial attitudes and behaviours on motivations for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the future, Michelle-Leah aspires to pursue a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology or School and Applied Child Psychology.

2020-2021 Honours Student, Katrina Schillaci

Katrina is currently completing her Honours degree (BSc, Hons.) in Psychology. For her Honours thesis, Katrina will explore the impact of social support on anxiety and depression scores in atrial fibrillation patients taking part in a behavioural weight-loss intervention. Upon completing her Honours degree, Katrina aspires to pursue graduate studies in Clinical Psychology.

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Farewell Kirsti!

Farewell and best of luck to Kirsti Toivonen. Kirsti is beginning her residency placement at the Northern Ontario Psychology Internship Consortium in Thunder Bay, ON in Sept 2020. Kirsti is an absolute delight and she will be greatly missed from our lab this year. Kirsti landed her top choice for internship and we expect nothing but excellence from her time in Thunder Bay. Congratulations Kirsti!

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New Publication including Michelle, Chelsea, and Andrew of the B.Med Lab

This interesting review work was conducted out of the Carlson Research Lab (https://lindacarlson.ca/lab), where Michelle, Chelsea, and Andrew all hold positions in addition to their roles within the Behavioural Medicine Lab.

Baydoun, M., Oberoi, D., Flynn, M., Moran, C., McLennan, A., Piedalue, K. A. L., & Carlson, L. E. (2020). Effects of Yoga-Based Interventions on Cancer-Associated Cognitive Decline: a Systematic Review. Current Oncology Reports22(10), 1-10.

Read the full article here: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11912-020-00960-5

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Huge Congratulations to Chelsea Moran, Vanier 2020 Scholar!

A Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards available to exceptional doctoral students studying in Canada. This funding will support Chelsea’s Ph.D. work including an RCT assessing a motivational communication intervention within cardiac rehabilitation. 

Check out all the 2020 Vanier Scholars here: https://vanier.gc.ca/en/scholar_search-chercheur_recherche_2020.html

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Congratulations Sydney, SSHRC Finalist!

A big congratulations to Sydney Seidel, one of the twenty-five finalists for the 2020 SSHRC Storytellers Competition. Sydney has received an award of $3000 for her timely and innovative research looking at vaping practices among young adults.

Watch her story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kTOWVDLEGw&feature=emb_title
Read more here: https://www.ucalgary.ca/news/sydney-seidel

Photo by: Rand Al-Hashmy

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Check out newly published work by Chelsea Moran of the Behavioural Medicine Lab!

Coroiu, A., Moran, C., Bergeron, C., Thombs, B. D., Geller, A. C., Kingsland, E., & Körner, A. (2019). Operationalization of Skin Self-Examination in Randomized Controlled Trials with Individuals at Increased Risk for Melanoma: A Systematic Review. Patient Education and Counseling.


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Congratulations Sydney Seidel!

The Behavioural Medicine Lab would like to congratulate Sydney on winning the Faculty of Arts Award ($1000) for her protocol poster entitled: “Phase II of the BE-EMPOWERED Study: A qualitative exploration of patients’ satisfaction with a mindfulness-based intervention for eating disorder symptoms before weight-loss surgery” at the University of Calgary Undergraduate Research Symposium.

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