Welcome to the Behavioural Medicine Lab Calgary

  Contact : 403-619-7911 | behmed@ucalgary.ca


Honours Student Information
If you are a psychology major and you’re interested in doing an honours thesis and conducting research in the Behavioral Medicine Lab, please contact Dr. Tavis Campbell during the winter semester prior to start time.
Email: t.s.campbell@ucalgary.ca

Graduate Student Information
If you are interested in joining our lab as a graduate student, please contact Dr. Campbell at t.s.campbell@ucalgary.ca to determine if he will be accepting graduate students for the next academic year. You can then apply online by visiting the Department of Psychology website.

Dr. Campbell places a priority on the training of highly qualified personnel. Students work in a collegial environment that inspires trainees to produce high quality research using state-of-the art methods. Graduates will be well prepared for a future career in research. Incoming graduate students are selected according to their undergraduate/graduate grades, interpersonal and communication skills, potential for scholarship, and work ethic.

Our laboratory has been extremely fortunate to have exceptional graduate student trainees. These students have worked on numerous basic and applied research projects in collaboration with researchers from varied disciplines. All graduate students supervised by Dr. Campbell have received external funding during their tenure, including support from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).

Expectations of Graduate Students:

  • Newly accepted graduate students are expected to be at the University of Calgary by the third or fourth week of August. This time is required to allow for familiarization with our facilities, our laboratory scheduling and for the completion of all necessary administrative tasks before commencing classes.
  • Graduate students supervised by Dr. Campbell are expected to be on campus and working on their studies on a daily full-time basis. Students should expect to dedicate a minimum of 40 hours (with an average of 50 hours) per week to their studies. This will routinely require working on the weekends.
  • The summer months are generally the most productive periods for research activities in our laboratory. Therefore, graduate students are required to conduct their studies throughout the year, including the summer months.
  • Graduate students are expected to be involved in professional development events such as attending and/or presenting their research findings at local, national and/or international conferences.
  • During their graduate studies, MSc and PhD graduate students are expected to publish their research findings in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Graduate students are expected to assist fellow graduate students and undergraduate students supervised by Dr. Campbell in their research projects.


If you are an undergraduate psychology student interested in gaining research experience as a volunteer in our lab, please send your C.V. and a Cover Letter to behmed@ucalgary.ca