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Michelle Flynn, B.A. (Honours)

Michelle began her Master’s in Clinical Psychology in the Behavioural Medicine Lab in September 2016. She previously completed her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology at Dalhousie University. Michelle’s honours thesis investigated sexual communication, pain, and sexual well-being in couples coping with provoked vestibulodynia (an acute, recurrent pain disorder, with pain localized to the vaginal entrance).

Michelle is continuing to study pain for her Master’s thesis, investigating intranasal oxytocin as a treatment for chronic pelvic pain among women. In addition to her Master’s thesis work, she is also currently working on a systematic review and meta-analysis of strategies to improve adherence to exercise, and has recently collaborated on reviews of mindfulness-based interventions for cancer survivors with Dr. Linda Carlson’s lab.

Outside of the lab, Michelle enjoys drawing, painting, travelling, and spinning!

Funding: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Masters

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