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The Behavioural Medicine lab prides itself on training highly qualified personnel for future careers in research and clinical practice. Our alumni are employed in a diverse range of positions. See what our successful graduates are up to today!

Post Doctoral Scholars

Gerald Giesbrecht, PhD, R.Psych., Assistant Professor, Pediatrics, University of Calgary

Lauren Drogos, PhD, Team Lead of Mental Health Projects and Initiatives, Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction at CIHR

Doctoral and Masters Students

Michelle Flynn, PhD

As a part of the Behavioural Medicine Lab, Michelle collaborated with Dr. Linda Carlson to investigate cognitive function following an online mindfulness intervention for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Michelle is currently a resident psychologist at the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC).

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Kirsti Toivonen, PhD

Kirsti earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Calgary under the supervision of Dr. Linda Carlson and Dr. Tavis Campbell. Kirsti completed her clinical residency at the Northern Ontario Psychology Internship Consortium in her hometown of Thunder Bay.

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Jenna Thomas, PhD

Jenna earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Calgary in the Behavioural Medicine Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Campbell. Jenna completed her clinical residency at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, focused on pediatric health psychology.

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Josh Rash, PhD, Assistant Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Josh is a former doctoral student of the Behavioural Medicine Laboratory and completed his clinical residency at The Ottawa Hospital. Josh is currently an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Josh has a diverse range of interests, including adherence, clinical inertia, cardiovascular psychophysiology, motivating healthy lifestyle behaviours, and pain management. His time at the Behavioural Medicine Laboratory was focused on four lines of investigation: 1) designing and evaluating the Index of Facial Pain Expression (IFPE) – an online environment designed to train healthcare providers to reliably code for facial pain expression; 2) evaluating the use of intranasal oxytocin as a novel adjuvant treatment for the management of acute and chronic pain; 3) modelling the influence that the prenatal milieu has on the development of the fetal/infant stress response systems; and 4) improving patient adherence to complex medical regimens through the use of motivational interviewing.

Research Focus: Pain management, patient adherence, cardiovascular psychophysiology
Funding: University of Calgary Clinical Research Fund, CIHR (Doctoral), University of Calgary University Research Grants Committee, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions, Killam Pre-Doctoral Scholarship, and Canadian Pain Society (Trainee Research Award).

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Codie Rouleau, PhD, R.Psych 

Codie Rouleau is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Calgary and clinical health psychologist at TotalCardiology Rehabilitation. She also shares an adjunct appointment with the University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Physical Therapy where she routinely contributes to the Healthspan Advisory Board and teaches behaviour change counseling to graduate students in health-related fields. Her doctoral research was completed under the supervision of Dr. Campbell and focused on the evaluation of a novel motivational intervention to promote adherence to cardiac rehabilitation exercise training. In her current role as chair of the TotalCardiology Research Network, Dr. Rouleau  maintains a program of clinical research focused on biopsychosocial aspects of cardiovascular disease as well as the optimization of behavioural  interventions for chronic disease management.

Research focus: Cardiac rehabilitation, health behaviour change, cardiac psychology

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Jillian Johnson, PhD, Assistant Research Professor, Penn State University

Jill completed her BSc (Hons; 2010), MSc (2013), and PhD (2016) in Psychology at the University of Calgary under the mentorship of Dr. Tavis Campbell and Dr. Linda Carlson. For her doctoral dissertation, Jillian conducted a randomized controlled trial of light therapy for cancer-related fatigue, called The LITE Study. After completing her dissertation in September 2016, Jillian accepted a post-doctoral scholar position in the Stress, Health, and Daily Experiences Laboratory in the Department of Biobehavioral Health at the Pennsylvania State University, where in 2018 she became an Assistant Research Professor.

Research focus: Stress, psychological factors, well-being
Funding: AIHS, CIHR (Masters), Killam Fellowship, the Alberta Cancer Foundation, and the Lloyd and Florence Cooper Memorial Scholarship

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Kristin Zernicke, PhD, R.Psych., AHS, Calgary

Dr. Zernicke works in the Shared Mental Health Care program with Alberta Health Services, clinically focused in primary care. She completed her pre-doctoral residency with Alberta Health Services through the Edmonton Consortium. As a MSc and PhD student her research interests included health psychology and behavioural medicine, mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindfulness based cancer recovery programs, irritable bowel syndrome, motivational interviewing, behaviour change, and online therapies and interventions.

Her dissertation involved a randomized wait-list controlled trial entitled: The eCALM Study: An Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program for Individuals Living with Cancer in Alberta. Dr. Zernicke completed her undergraduate honours degree in Psychological and Brain Sciences, Minor in Human Development and Family Studies, at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

Sandra N. Young, PhD, R.Psych., Clinical Psychologist

Sheila Garland, PhD, R.Psych., Assistant Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Laura Labelle, PhD, R.Psych., Clinical Psychologist, Tom Baker Cancer Centre

Brenda Key, PhD, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences, McMaster University

Andrea Stevenson, MSc, R.Psych., Clinical Psychologist

F. Routeledge, PhD, Assistant Professor, Emory University

Honours Students

Sara Bounor, BA (Hons), 2022

Brooklynn Snodgrass, BSc (Hons), 2022

Katrina Schillaci, BSc (Hons), 2021

Ashley Felske, BA (Hons), 2019

Jamie Rasmussen, BA (Hons), 2016

Cara Bally, BA (Hons), 2015 

Crystal Hare, BA (Hons), 2015

Christina Sisson, BA (Hons), 2015 

Kristin Horsley, BA (Hons), 2013

Tiffany Haig, BA (Hons), 2013

A. Mehri, BA (Hons), 2013

T. Haig, BA (Hons), 2013 

Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz, BA (Hons), 2012 

M. Luu, BA (Hons), 2012 

S. Bruce, BA (Hons), 2009 

K. Elliot, BA (Hons), 2009 

Linette Lawlor, BA (Hons), 2009 

L. Kurilova, BA (Hons), 2009

K. Irwin, BA (Hons), 2008

Kirsten. Fiest, BSc (Hons), 2008 

Kara Ross, BSc (Hons), 2008

T. Jacobs, BSc (Hons), 2006 

S. Hyde, BA (Hons), 2006 

B. Reilly, BSc (Hons), 2005 

F. Jakulj, BSc (Hons), 2005